Online Gambling Tips

With endless instant-play gambling options on the web, you can now log-on as a total novice and start enjoying the action. However, whether you're fresh in from Las Vegas or a gambling newbie – it makes sense to play smart. Check out some of the top online gambling tips collected over the past decade…………

Gamble with Leisure Cash

Everyone knows the cliché – 'only start gambling with money you can afford to risk losing'. However, it's a cliché that makes total sense! What's more, if you get the luck and skill, you can turn a small weekly limit into a tidy bank – and then you can play higher stake gambling with your winnings. Essentially – gamble with a strict weekly budget and earn the right to gamble big!

Gambling with Compounded Stakes

If he was still alive, there's a good chance that we'd have one pretty clever online gambler – Einstein! The famous genius was a very big fan of the investment fan of compounding – in fact he stunned the world when he said that the biggest miracle in the universe, is compounding! So what does all this mean for online gambling advocates? Well, essentially, gambling with compounded bets is considered by pro gamblers to be the fastest way to quickly build a betting bank, without excess risk. To use compound gambling, you simply need to be a certain amount of your betting bank on each wager placed (something like 1-2% is often used). By re-calculating the bank percentage after each bet, you can safely progress your wager level. Compounding has the effect of delivering much more profit than the same level stake success.

Check out Some Gambling Strategies

Gambling with skill and strategies is the pro way to getting success in casinos. However, whatever your level you can adopt a more strategic edge. For example, genuine professional gambling masters can use strategies like card counting and complicated video poker analysis techniques, deliver a long-term gambling edge of 1% or more. While these skills are out of reach for casual gamblers, games such as video poker and blackjack can be played with strategy cards to instantly deliver a better gambling outcome. Of course – there are also some systems designed to create powerful gambling returns, without any real skill. One classic example is the Martingale strategy, explained below:

Bet 1: 1 credit red/black or odds/even
Win:quit/re-start a new system
Lose: Double-bet on the next spin, with the same selection
Keep gambling with the steps above until you win or reach your limit

Using systems like the Martingale to try and secure online gambling success is potentially effective, but also contains elements of risk. It's therefore critical to use a max liability limit, such as 6 bets are re-start the strategy, learn the systems with free bonus cash and gamble with money you can risk. Ultimately – thousands of online gamblers have had real success with gambling systems, but they all know how to manage their funds.