Online Blackjack Downloads at an Ultimate High

A recent study done by Mr. Andrew Gerter has shown that the most popular hit on the internet is blackjack downloads. This comes as a surprise as everyone believes that poker is the most popular game these days. This report has shown that Blackjack downloads are in fact the most wanted games to play. This is valuable information for casino advertising companies who will have to start promoting Blackjack downloads even more then they do poker. The online gaming players have spoken: they want Blackjack downloads to be available and ready to play whenever they want it.

It is true that online casinos always have Blackjack downloads available; they just do not promote it as much as they do poker. According to Gerter’s discovery on the huge amount of Blackjack download hits, advertising companies better start looking at the right game and promoting the game that the online gamers actually want to play most.

The reason why blackjack is so popular with many online gamblers is the simplicity of the game. If you want to play poker, you need to know at least the basic rules, but anyone who can count to 10 (or actually 21) can play blackjack. There is not so much tension in the game, and it's more a matter of luck to win, than skills are involved. In many online casinos, it's also possible to play Blackjack with live dealers, creating an even more realistic virtual experience. Real Time audio streaming makes it possible to chat with the dealer and the other players on the blackjack table. In most cases, blackjack can be played in a downloadable version or with a flash version, straight of the internet. Puzzle ipuzzlebiz

The number of Blackjack download hits in comparison to poker is 3% higher, which is a huge number when you are dealing with the millions of players that game online. A lot of money has been invested in poker and now some of that budget mist definitely will be going back to Blackjack. Two casinos have already reported changing their budget for 2006/2007 to spend more time and money promoting Blackjack. Other online casinos are expected to follow suit and this may be a revolutionary time for online gaming.