Playtech Casino Software


Playtech, along with chief rival Microgaming, has become one of the powerhouses of the online casino industry. The Playtech casino game engine powers many of the leading online casinos. The company’s powerful and durable software engine carries hundreds of the most exciting and lucrative online casino games on the market. Not only does the Playtech engine give its online casinos a wide variety of games, it also offers an unparalleled level of security and privacy for its customers

Established in 1999, Playtech was one of the pioneers in the online casino business. Many of the first online casinos employed the Playtech engine to provide the best in presentation graphics, game interfaces and gameplay mechanics. As the software evolved and the needs of the customers changed, Playtech continued to march to the forefront and provide for those needs. The company launched an initial public offering (IPO) on the London Stock Exchange in 2005 to grow its capital base and finance some of the most interesting innovations in the online casino industry.

Game Selection
The Playtech online casino engine powers more than 150 games. These games include a range of blackjack games (including Spanish 21 and pontoon), roulette games (with both European and American roulette wheels), video poker, craps, baccarat and more. The engine also offers arcade games, scratch-off games and other fun games, as well as online poker and sports betting engines.

Slot Machines
The main attraction for Playtech-powered online casinos is the variety of online slot machine games. Some progressive slots games, such as the Beach Life game, offer jackpots of over $5 million. Other popular slot games feature characters from movies, TV shows, sports and comic books.
Playtech online casinos also provide top-notch security measures to protect players from having their personal information obtained by unauthorized users. The sites’ uses of firewalls and RSA encryption enables Playtech to keep a customer’s name, credit card number and other sensitive data secure from malicious hackers.

As far as the presentation of many Playtech-licensed online casinos, Playtech games offer the option of playing in 3D. Players can purchase special 3D glasses to make the dice, cards and slot reels leap off the screen! Playtech online casinos also offer options for players who need bigger graphics, louder sounds and more dynamic action. Playtech online casinos also provide live dealers for players who prefer the interaction with another human being instead of just clicking buttons.
  • Casino Line-up: Playtech licenses its online casino software to some of the most well-known online casinos.
  • Reliability: Players depend on the reliability and stability of the Playtech online casino engine.
  • Experience: Playtech has one of the longest track records in the online casino industry,.
  •  Few new games: Playtech sticks with old-time online casino favorites, rarely releasing new games.
  •  Limited Game Selection: Playtech online casinos have less than 100 games, where other online casinos have 300 or more.