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Welcome to our reviews of online live casino tournaments! Tournaments combine the action of your favorite casino games with the competitive nature of elimination-style tournaments. Read through our reviews and learn about how to find your type of tournament. Find out more about Casino Tournaments...

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Casino Tournaments


Online casino tournaments combine the action of everyone’s favorite online casino games with the competitive setting of a World Cup or March Madness tournament. Many online casinos operate tournaments to bring in new customers as well as a reward for their top players. Tournaments can also give players the chance to win big jackpots with only a small outlay of their own bankroll. In our guide to casino tournaments, we will discuss many of the features that go into these events.

Entry Fee

Most online casino tournaments require an entry fee. A portion of these entry fees goes to the online casino site, while the remainder goes into the prize pool. As the tournament gains more entries, the prize pool grows. For players with online casino bonus cash, the player must pay the tournament entry fee from his initial deposit, not from the bonus cash. However, some online live casinos offer free tournaments to their “high rollers” as a reward for their high-stakes bets.


For many years, the most popular online casino tournaments were poker tournaments, especially no-limit Texas Hold’em tournaments. Many online casinos took the model of the poker tournaments and adapted it to the most popular casino games available: slot machines. Most of the major online casinos operate several slot machine casino tournaments each day. Some online live casino sites also offer tournaments in blackjack, video poker and roulette.


The rules for casino tournaments vary from game to game. Some online casino tournaments have time limits, ranging from a few minutes to several hours. The player who wins the most money (not necessarily the player with the highest balance) during the allotted time wins the tournament. The jackpots in these tournaments can often be up to a hundred times the original entry fee. However, the online casinos do not allow players to “sit on” big wins: many live dealer  casino tournaments have minimum betting requirements.



Although typical slot machine play does not require a wealth of strategic thinking, casino tournaments offer the chance to use some tactics and techniques in addition to the luck of the reels. Here are some helpful hints for success at online casino slot tournaments:

  • Keep On Spinning: Don’t wait to see what you’ve won. The only number that matters is what you have at the end of the tournament.
  • Watch the Clock. If you’re well ahead with a few minutes to go, slow down and play it safe.  If you’re far behind, maximize your spins and try to catch up.
  • Bet the Maximum. Players win jackpots by betting the maximum amount. Jackpots add to your score. Therefore, you need a maximum bet to win the jackpot.
  • Watch the “Continue Play” Option. The “Continue Play” option allows players to rebuy into the tournament after their coin balance reaches zero. Make sure that any prize you win is worth more than the number of rebuys you spent.

If you want to enjoy all the action and competition of online casino tournaments, visit one of our recommended casinos and sign up today!